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The Miracles of Jesus

The Raising of Lazarus  Pt.1

   In today’s lesson, we looked at the miracle of Jesus raising his good friend Lazarus from the dead, as found in the gospel of John, chapter 11.

   While this is a familiar story that is often used at memorial services, few seem to grasp the full significance of its meaning.  The Lord Jesus is teaching His disciples that the resurrection of Lazarus was a picture that typifies the resurrection of mankind in the age to come, when everyone who is in the grave will hear His voice and come forth, the Church as glorified beings, the rest of mankind to a resurrection of judgment and instruction of righteousness.

Points made during the service:

1)      Vs 3 – the sisters said… “Lord, behold, he whom You Love is sick.” While Jesus loves the whole world imagine the thought that he especially loves you. Imagine people praying for you by saying ‘Lord, the one whom You love needs your healing and intervention.’ What a testimony that would be of our life and love for Jesus.


2)      Vs 4 – Jesus is taking the time to define for the disciples, as well as you & I, the concept of death. It is not a stepping stone to an immediate place of happiness or sorrow as some would suggest but Jesus defines death as a sleep, a temporary unconsciousness for the soul & spirit of a person. Every person who has lived and died are in the same place, the grave, awaiting the glorious resurrection of the dead, the just as well as the unjust.


3)      Vs 3-10 – we see 2 perspectives presented in the story:

   The first perspective is a human one from the sisters of Lazarus – The human perspective focuses on the urgent so much so that the important become blurred. It concentrates on the immediate rather than our ultimate welfare; on our temporary good instead of God’s eternal glory.

   The second is the divine perspective from Jesus – He factors eternity into the enigmatic equations of life. The divine is able to say “not my will be done but Thine.”.

   Without a doubt, this was the greatest of Jesus’ miracles and from a human perspective it should have been the rallying cry of a nation fallen so far from God. Yet it served only to make the blinded Jewish elite’s hearts to become hardened to the point that they saw only one solution to end this rivalry with Jesus, He must die.

Part 2 will appear in October