Christian Believers Fellowship

Mission Statement



1) This Church stands on the firm perspective that the Holy Bible is the only

    inspired message from God, containing His plans and wishes for men. 

    (II Timothy 3:16-17)



2) The primary purpose of this Church shall be to provide an atmosphere of

    freedom in which God’s Word can be diligently searched to discern what

    His plans and instructions are for our lives.



3) To this end, worship services shall consist of Bible study, preaching,

    question and answer sessions, workshops, praise and prayer services, and   

    counseling as vehicles of instruction.



4) Christian fellowship and brotherly love shall be extended to all seeking to

    know the will of God. Faith in Jesus Christ as personal Savior is the bond

    of this fellowship.



5) Charitable and evangelistic work outside of the Church shall be conducted

    as directed by the Church as a whole. Individual charitable and

    evangelistic ministries are encouraged.